Arrogance is NOAA Fisheries “to border on recklessness, if not irresponsibility.” ending ten year SMAST/ Scallop Industry collaborative research.

Industry leaders are furious that this productive program has been hi jacked by NMFS, while the sallop set aside fund money will now be detoured to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and will now be conducting the survey utilizing the “Habcam”.

Ma State Rep. William Straus, D-Mattapoisett said.”Cutting SMAST out is a problem,”.

“SMAST is one of the few outside parties doing review that will keep the feds honest, so to speak,” he said.

No doubt the state rep has been watching the downward credibility spiral of NOAA/NMFS, and keeping them honest is not something that seems to be possible.

Sometimes the mask slips

When Jane Lubchenco was appointed as the head of NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in 2009, I believe that it enabled an important part of a decades long plan to transform America into just another member of the global community, from the inside. This has enabled these “Fabian Socialists” to accelerate the process of destroying the commercial fishing industry in the USA, to further their long-term vision of sustainable  international fisheries.

Dr. Lubchenco has demonstrated a total disinterest in the economic crisis that she has created in places like Gloucester Mass, and all along the coasts of New England and across this great country. She has gone to great lengths to completely avoid addressing the issues that are important to our fishermen.

In 2011, she declined to testify at a U.S. Senate subcommittee invitation in Boston called “How is NOAA managing funds to protect the domestic fishing industry”. Makes sense if you look at the facts (as we have), and find that she isn’t interested in protecting the domestic fishing industry at all. Dr. Lubchenco has always been looking at a bigger picture.

I’d like to highlight some recent comments that she made at a RFMO (Regional Fisheries Management Organizations) conference in Belgium on June 1st, 2012. This doesn’t happen often, as she tends to avoid the spotlight, but on this day it seems that her mask slipped. She made numerous comments that represent (what I believe to be) her true motivation for the decisions that she makes at NOAA.

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Obscene ‘aid’ plan would only seal fishermen’s fate and even speed up Lubchenco’s job-killing agenda

This “disaster” response, by buying out smaller competitors and granting subsidies to the big-boat survisors, would likely finish the job — and reward the victors with $87 million in taxpayer-funded spoils.

It wouldn’t help fishermen being driven out of business by a wrong-headed government policy. It would shamefully just affirm and even speed up Lubchenco’s job-killing agenda. And it could seemingly bring a buyout and virtual shutdown of the independent commercial fishing industry as we know it.

Tina Jackson AAFC Running for District 36 RI Seat

Small boat fisherman and advocate for the fishing industry, Tina Jackson President of American Alliance of Fishermen and their Communities, is running for election in Rhode Island as the District 36 State Representative seat.

She’ a tough, honest, strong willed woman that has been a staunch advocate for fishermen everywhere.

From her web site:

Presently, I am a small boat fisherman and advocate for the fishing industry.  My experience on fishing boats during the past several years has introduced me to the over-regulation of the industry at both the state and federal level.  To address these issues, I co-founded the American Alliance of Fishermen and their Communities (AAFC), which includes members from Maine to New Jersey.  In this capacity, I research issues affecting the industry in great detail and testified before both Congress and the R.I. General Assembly.  My principal goal is to maintain and strengthen the independent small business structure of the R.I. fishing fleet.  Many people may not realize the ripple effects, including the devastating job/revenue loss, caused by faulty science and government regulations on the vibrancy of our fishing communities.  I have fought hard to keep these jobs in the Ocean State.

The issues facing the fishing industry are no different from the various challenges facing Rhode Island small businesses and individuals.  To that end, I look forward to introducing myself to the voters of Block Island, Charlestown, South Kingstown, and Westerly.  I want to hear from you about your concerns for our district and the Ocean State.  I am eager to meet you and ask for your support in my effort to bring common sense, a fresh face and a new perspective to our General Assembly

Fish aid plan gets mixed reviews By Richard Gaines gloucesterdailytimes

The Northeast groundfishing industry proved deeply divided Thursday about a draft legislative proposal under discussion within the New England Congressional delegation for a massive federal bailout and buyback package for fishermen and related businesses.

The size of the package is $200 million, including a government loan to industry for purchasing permits and boats to be repaid by those who continue fishing.

The Gloucester-based Northeast Seafood Coalition, the region’s largest industry group, earlier this week approved a resolution at its board meeting supporting in principle the disaster relief package. And according to a spokesman for Rep. Barney Frank, “all the action items” in a draft letter circulating in the delegation “were directly requested by the fishing industry.”

Fisherynation Editorial – Jane E (eliminator) Lubchenco’s Consolidation Porn Production. Paid for with YOUR fish to screw the little people.

So. I’m sittin’ here rackin’ my brain, just wondering, what beauracratic, moronic, opportunist would commision a group of dream team bean counters, with some financial hocus pocus wizards to invent a $180 million dollar loan package (thats what it is) for a desparate, beleagured, broken industry, and wondering what collateral is being used to support this Jane E (eliminator) Lubchenco, consolidation porn production?!!

My fish. Your fish. Our fish.

I mean, man. You know none of the politicians would come up with an idea like that?!

They BURN money. They don’t expect it to provide a return. They shovel it to get rid of problems. Shut people up. Closure.

Then they do it again for the next big thing!

But this. THIS is REALLY something!

A $180 Million dollar loan to buy up the rest of the guys that our politicians say they care about, the little guys, freeing up all kinds of fish to finance the thing.

 $15 MILLION DOLLARS for AT SEA MONITORS that NOAA WAS looking at from THEIR budget because it was a small boat breaker.

Paid for with our fish.

Slick little fix for Andy and his gig from Team Dismantle.
Good score, Drew!! auntys got yer back!

Paid for with our now more expensive fish.

$30 MILLION so the big boys can have more fish, PLUS $5MILLION for sector management that should after two years should be self suffient by now, and will be seeing an exodus of the disenfranchised.

And a paultry $7.5 MILLION for collabrative and “traditional” research?

From what I’ve seen of “traditional” lately from Team Eliminator, “traditional” should continue to be funded from “traditional” sources. Like the NOAA budget, while this industry alligned with schools like SMAST and VIMS get us what we need. Real results, not that eco system crap Rusty does.

That “traditional’ has been continuous “trade offs”, as was revealed at the yellow tail working group meeting. Enough trade offs.

I say $7.5 Million for collaborative research from the NOAA budget. Its time the peoples money was used properly.

This thing has a familiar odor.


Jane. You suck.

Fishing aid plan: $100M in buyouts Draft federal aid package adds $80M in subsidies-By Richard Gaines GDT

A draft letter that outlines a proposed disaster relief program for the Northeast groundfishery —Along with the $100 million buyout,  $30 million in direct aid to fishermen, $30 million to assist communities and shore side businesses, $15 million to cover at sea monitoring for two years, $7.5 million for cooperative and traditional scientific research, $2.5 million to for retraining ex-fishermen and another $5 million to support the 17 fishing cooperatives, or sectors, now operating in New England.

“This is consolidation on steroids,” said one an industry attorney who spoke only on the condition of anonymity Wednesday.

“I don’t see how this deals with the structural problems,” added an industry analyst.

The onset of the catch share regimen has been backed by the Walton Foundation and Environmental Defense Fund, subsidized by the foundation organized with Wal-Mart profits and,,,,,,,,,,,,, Read More

BREAKING – Draft fishing aid package: $100M in ‘buyouts,’ $80M in subsidies- Richard Gaines

A draft letter that outlines a proposed disaster relief program for the Northeast groundfishery — featuring a $100 million permit and boat buyback program, and $87.5 million in various subsidies for those who stay in business — is circulating among members of the New England congressional delegation.

A copy of the draft letter was provided to the Times Wednesday by a staffer within the New England delegation.

It was more than eight months ago that Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine asked the Department of Commerce to declare a fisheries disaster.

The administration, however, has never responded, creating widespread anger among lawmakers and across the industry .

Along with the $100 million buyout, the draft letter proposed $30 million in direct aid to fishermen, another $30 million to assist communities and shore side businesses, $15 million to cover at sea monitoring for two years, $7.5 million for cooperative and traditional scientific research, $2.5 million to for retraining ex-fishermen and another $5 million to support the 17 fishing cooperatives now operating in New England.

Scallop and Monkfish precedents suggest ASMFC should consider northern aerial survey in Menhaden regulation

The Atlantic menhaden fishery currently faces a situation similar to those previously faced by the scallop and monkfish fisheries. Regulators are currently dealing with a data-poor situation and are considering large cuts to the menhaden harvest, while recently available data suggests that these cuts might not be necessary, or might not need to be as large. In previous cases, non-peer-reviewed data from a single year was used to delay potentially drastic management decisions. Adopting a similarly cautious approach could provide time to allow the ASMFC to acquire more comprehensive information on the health of Atlantic menhaden.

Areas of Concern in the ASMFC’s 2012 Atlantic Menhaden Assessment Update

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