Bring on the Cuccinelli Principle (American Thinker)

On the surface, it may not seem like an important topic for the grassroots at Fishery Nation. I’ve been examining the takeover of the government by leftists for years now, and this topic makes perfect sense to me, and it related directly to the crisis we are in.

It’s all about “fighting big, lawbreaking government”, and this is why I’m here.

Here are some excerpts from this great essay, that I think should hit home for us all.

“Unlike many other state attorneys general who sometimes swarm like wolf packs against only the private sector, Cuccinelli takes a more even-handed approach to tackling lawbreaking in both the private sector and government.”

Cuccinelli’s biggest problem in enforcing the law on government is a legal system that has come to be flawed and even corrupt in how it too often protects government lawbreaking.”

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Why “Catch Shares”?

A.) Just in case any moonbat offspring would like to become commercial fisherfolk one day!

One of the early steps to pushing through the catch shares scam, was adopting an “EAF” (ecosystems approach to fisheries).

The following paragraph that I found in a document posted at the UN sticks out. These marching orders came from the UN (and the NGO’s who control same). From “PART I The human context for an ecosystem approach to fisheries

Individuals and societies also value ecosystems for what they represent for the future. Some may value today the knowledge that their grandchildren will benefit from these services and others value having resources available in the case they become necessary for their direct use in the future (referred to as “option value”). In addition, some value the services independently of anyone’s current or future uses of these services (“existence values”). This category represents a philosophical value of the inherent right of ecosystems and communities to exist now and in the future. This perhaps vague but very important value can reflect the idea that each part of the ecosystem exists for a reason, whether we are aware of the reason or not, and therefore should be valued as part of the ecosystem.

I hope that makes you all feel better. Just in case Thurston Howell XII decides to work for a living someday in the future decades (maybe he likes to fish), NOAA needs fleet reductions. NOW.

This explanation makes more sense than anything NOAA will spout off about.

Commerce secretary declares Alaska salmon disaster

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Gulf of Maine – Planned fisheries closure leaves locals reeling

Yankee Fisherman Cooperative said the pending “consequence closure” of a section of the Gulf of Maine starting Oct. 1 will significantly impact the co-op and could potentially put it out of business,,,,,,,,,,,,,,U.S. Commerce Department has declared a “disaster” in the Northeast groundfishing industry,,,,, Hampton fisherman David Goethel said the closure will be devastating for the Yankee Fisherman Cooperative and the fishermen of New Hampshire, as the majority of the fleet are gillnetters.

“This is the biggest time a year for them,” said Goethel. “This is when they catch their pollock. There is no other time in the year they can get them.”

Editorial: Hollow disaster call shamefully fails to confront problem GDT

Indeed, even after 10 months, Blank’s embarrassing declaration posted Thursday still can’t be considered as a meaningful response to the disaster request,,,,,,,,,,attributes the fisheries’ failure to the “unexpectedly slow rebuilding of fish stocks.”,,,,,,,,,Read More.

“Runnin’ Through the Archives” with jj the fisherman. American Style Environmentalism is Destroying The Environment Part 3 (“The Environmental Watchdog” A Portrait Inspired By Ocean Industrial Zoning)

This illustrates a view of what is happening to the ocean today. The Presidential order that delivered control of the ocean to the PEW Energy Group and for the first time in history created, “Single Use Zoning,” for the benefit of industrialists who would like a chance to exploit this new peice of watery real estate that used to be a wilderness area. Of course I do not believe that the ocean should belong to anyone but like the indians on the plains my people have been swept away by a rising tide of greed as multi-national corporations and the foundations of their proud owners look to the ocean as one of the few avenues of wealth acquisition and revenue growth available to them. I fear for the wildlife that was the excuse for these drastic measures. Artwork is interpretive so I will not say anymore about it but this…..It was with great reluctance that I placed our President’s head on that poo-fly. As the signer of the order that created Ocean Real Estate he earned it.

The study, conducted by the nonprofit consulting firm Ecotrust,,,,,, 2005 to 2009 on nine ,,,,,,,,,,,,,”Recreational anglers are suffering the consequences of the nation’s failure to wisely manage our fish resources.” Lee Crockett Pew’s Director of U.S. Fisheries Campaigns. “ Hey Stu. Its 2012.

More creative but true artwork from jj! I luv you . Brother! Stick it right up their green poopers!

US Commerce Secretary declares disaster for Alaska salmon fisheries

…….Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell requested a disaster declaration from U.S. Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank, citing low king salmon runs,,,,,,,,,,

Maybe the Brainiac’s Of NOAA Should Pay Attention.Natural fit? No way! Fish farms net loss for St. Mary’s Bay

In Nova Scotia, we are reluctantly in the midst of a grand experiment,,,,“Let’s try open net pen fish farming, and see how things work,,,,shockingly reckless bet,,,brown smelly sludge into our harbour.,,,,208 acres of salmon cesspools,,,,,,Read More

Fishermen fight NOAA penalty for accidental catch of porpoises – Bullard Meets NH Fishermen –

PORTSMOUTH — Seacoast-area fishermen told new National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Regional Administrator John Bullard on Wednesday that a pending “consequence closure” of a section of the Gulf of Maine could spell the end of the fi,,,,,,,,,Read More

BREAKING – Northeast, two other U.S. fishing areas declared disasters. Including Alaska, and Mississippi

“Fishermen in the Northeast are facing financial hardships because of the unexpe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,also declared in Alaska, because of low returns of Chinook salmon in some key regions, and Mississippi Read More