All right Fisherynation. I’ve been making changes like the dictators do, that we love to hate. How about a little feedback?

Greetings to Fisherynation! (I feel like Warren at the DNC!) I’m no dictator, and this is your fisherynation! I’ve plugged in a few different themes, trying to get “the  right look, and feel” to make this the place for US Fishermen.

How ‘m I doin? Do you like/ dislike this setup? Want something different? I need to know what fits for fishermen nation wide. What would you guy’s (generic term) like to see? Any activism ideas? Support issues we can pull together on?

Are you pissed off about something? Write a post. You have the tools to do it on you Dashboard. We are in this Fisherynation together. Lets create something that is needed. Support and unity, a place to unload, a place to inform. Let’s pull together! BH

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7 Responses to All right Fisherynation. I’ve been making changes like the dictators do, that we love to hate. How about a little feedback?

  1. philips66 says:

    I’m going to get my brother setup so he could contribute. How do I get him connected to the dashboard so he can post? thanks

    • borehead says:

      phil, I’ve looked all over for a log in module, but can’t find one. If he makes a comment, it will be sent to me by email for moderation, and if I approve it, it posts. and I then check in ., or just send me an email with his, and I’ll send an invite.

  2. philips66 says:

    That’s the beauty of WordPress, you can keep changing things around pretty easily. Blogger is like this too.

    • borehead says:

      I like the wordpress set up ok, but I’m trying to figure out how to get what I really want for fisherynation members.
      You’ve seen newsvine. There are a lot of features that this place does not have. Member columns where the members get stuff indexed.
      It takes a while to get used to it, and many that went there gave up from frustration. I want this place to have member feaures that are easy to use,
      We evolve!

  3. borehead says:

    There’s always one guy standing there watching everyone else do the grunt work. DON”T BE THAT GUY! lol
    If you need help with figuring this place out, Let me know! By the way. I’m a copy paste kinda guy. If you don’t know how to do stuff like that, say something. I’ll help you out. So won’t the other guy’s. Oh. I forgot to mention, I type with one finger, so no one has any excuses for not leaving a comment or writing a post. Fisherman UP!

    • Borehead, you have been one of the hardest working voices for the New England fishing industry over the past few years, and it is time for fishermen to come to together in one place on the internet that they can talk in depth about these issues. One of the biggest barriers to growing a website is the ease of using the tools on the site, and much depends on that particular sites software. For many, if it is not “point-click, cut-paste, browse-upload”, the audience will become discouraged….but these are the headwinds that many sites undergo as they start up and there are fishermen here who will help others out with these technical issues. The primary point is for getting the fishermen to – 1) Know that there is a fishing industry site for them, 2) Easy to join up and use, 3) Has relevant up to date information, 4) The information on the site is EASY to locate. We are here supporting you buddy, and thank you for what you have done and continue to do for fishermen!


      • borehead says:

        Maybe an article about how to use this junk would help,EC. I’m going to a house warming for my kid today, and I’m sure this is the stuff I’ll be thinking about, being lousy company.
        I’ll be back!

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