Bring on the Cuccinelli Principle (American Thinker)

On the surface, it may not seem like an important topic for the grassroots at Fishery Nation. I’ve been examining the takeover of the government by leftists for years now, and this topic makes perfect sense to me, and it related directly to the crisis we are in.

It’s all about “fighting big, lawbreaking government”, and this is why I’m here.

Here are some excerpts from this great essay, that I think should hit home for us all.

“Unlike many other state attorneys general who sometimes swarm like wolf packs against only the private sector, Cuccinelli takes a more even-handed approach to tackling lawbreaking in both the private sector and government.”

Cuccinelli’s biggest problem in enforcing the law on government is a legal system that has come to be flawed and even corrupt in how it too often protects government lawbreaking.”

“Government is often a bully, and bullies don’t often go after people their own size. They go after little people that they can push around.”

“Among politicians, he may be unmatched in insight and courage articulating the constitutional principles of limited government that are the basis for freedom, prosperity, and American exceptionalism.

“Statists, on the other hand, believe that law exists solely to control the people.”

“When government officials violate the law, citizens seeking to enforce their rights bear their own legal expenses, yet we taxpayers foot the bill for lawbreaking government officials.

“Cuccinelli gets it. What makes America exceptional and prosperous is that government is subject to a supreme law promulgated by the people. More than ever in our lifetimes people understand the need for government controlled by the rule of law. His critics expose their flawed progressive, statist ideology that has brought American exceptionalism to the verge of demise.

You see, we are in a fight to take back our country from the radical leftist of the current Administration. Nowhere is the evidence of this leftist/statist takeover more evident, than in our fishing ports like Gloucester and Plymouth. The Cuccinelli Principle can help us. The message to the big federal beaurocracy has to be “You work for us”, and we have to stop them from ruining this country.  Remember remember, the 6th of November!

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