“Theory of Change” we don’t believe in!

I’ve identified a webpage at the “Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation” that qualifies as a summary of how the NGO’s used the UN and their own puppets at NOAA/NMFS, to push through the catch shares scam. Under an umbrella of “Reforming Fisheries Management”.

In it, they explain a couple of tools that were designed for this initiative  Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and Reforming Fisheries Management (RFM). They also mention that they funded the first Step by Step Guide to MSP, published by UNESCO in 2009. I’ve found a copy if this guide, and I hope to be reporting further on it in the near future.  The Moore Foundation partnered with the David & Lucile Packard Foundation on this project.

For now I will share with you one interesting link buried in this UNESCO guide. Catch shares are an “important” part of this MSP strategy. Here is the Moore/Packard/UN checklist for reasons that you might be interested in MSP:

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Gulf of Maine – Planned fisheries closure leaves locals reeling

Yankee Fisherman Cooperative said the pending “consequence closure” of a section of the Gulf of Maine starting Oct. 1 will significantly impact the co-op and could potentially put it out of business,,,,,,,,,,,,,,U.S. Commerce Department has declared a “disaster” in the Northeast groundfishing industry,,,,, Hampton fisherman David Goethel said the closure will be devastating for the Yankee Fisherman Cooperative and the fishermen of New Hampshire, as the majority of the fleet are gillnetters.

“This is the biggest time a year for them,” said Goethel. “This is when they catch their pollock. There is no other time in the year they can get them.”

Editorial: Hollow disaster call shamefully fails to confront problem GDT

Indeed, even after 10 months, Blank’s embarrassing declaration posted Thursday still can’t be considered as a meaningful response to the disaster request,,,,,,,,,,attributes the fisheries’ failure to the “unexpectedly slow rebuilding of fish stocks.”,,,,,,,,,Read More.  http://www.gloucestertimes.com/opinion/x1709877829/Editorial-Hollow-disaster-call-shamefully-fails-to-confront-problem

BREAKING – Northeast, two other U.S. fishing areas declared disasters. Including Alaska, and Mississippi

“Fishermen in the Northeast are facing financial hardships because of the unexpe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,also declared in Alaska, because of low returns of Chinook salmon in some key regions, and Mississippi Read More


BREAKING – Commerce Department listens to pleas from lawmakers and declares fishery disaster – What’s Next?

U.S. Sen. John Kerry announced this morning that the Department of Commerce agreed to the bipartisan request from members of Congress, four New England Governors and many other elected officials for a declaration of a commercial fishery failure in the No,,,,,,,,,,,Read More  http://www.savingseafood.org/fishing-industry-alerts/commerce-department-listens-to-pleas-from-new-england-lawmakers-and-declares-fishery-dis-2.html,,,,,,,,,,stocks that have limited their ability to catch enough to make ends meet,” said Acting Secretary Blank. “The Department of Commerce has determined that the diminished fish stocks have resulted despite fishermen’s adherence,,,,,,,,,,,

This mess is a creation of this agency. Lets talk about it! Leave some comments.

Northeast Seafood Coalition Statement on Federal Disaster Funding for Northeast  Groundfish Fishing Industry

http://www.savingseafood.org/fishing-industry-alerts/nsc-statement-on-federal-disaster-funding-for-northeast-groundfish-ind-2.html      View  PDF @ savingseafood link

Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island governors ask Congress for $100 million in fisheries disaster assistance

WASHINGTON — September 12, 2012 — The governors of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island today wrote to Senate and House leadership requesting $100 million in federal disaster assistance contingent upon a federal disaster declaration for New England fisheries from the Department of Commerce.  The text of the letter follows.


Each of us will collaborate with our fishermen and the Department of Commerce to develop a detailed spending plan to address the needs of our individual communities and states

My only question fisherynation is, are YOU being represented?

NOAA holds firm on shutdown to protect porpoises. Fishermen insulted by regional administrator Bullards they can sell their quota response.

Bullard rejected the proposed alternative proposed by the coalition, writing that switching to the coalition alternative offered fishermen or the harbor porpoises little to gain.

Moreover, he warned in his letter to Odell, a recent harbor porpoise stock assessment showed the “population has declined,” implying that more radical actions than the “consequence” closure would be expected.  Read more.


The queer minded catch share advocates have such a disingenuous reply to those effected by a successful MMPA that now has the small gillnet fleet facing extinction. These fishermen should be placed on the Endangered Species list, and protected. This issue galvenizes their demise. The NOAA answer? They can sell their quota. Isn’t that special.

I had reservations about Mr. Bullard, and his endorsement in the press from EDFers, and Gang Green, but thought I could give him the benefit of the doubt. Reading of the meetings along the coast with fishermen and others in the press, along with this decision to follow the NOAA status quo, reaffirms my initial internal reaction. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Like evertything else, the concequence of the MMPA, is the rebuilding of the marine mammal populations to the point they are everywhere in huge abundance. The notion of looking at the ocean as a fish tank like the Boston Aquarium where everything is just so, may be appealing, it is also unrealistic. But then, what view point would be expected of the rose colored glasses wearing econut extremists disingenuous claim to be environmentalists. They are opinionists.

I believe the two fishermen in this article are the true environmentalist, living, and breathing within the ocean environment, trying to survive the consequences of the success of a MMPA that was enacted with no balance benchmarks, that has now become another tool to eradicate fishermen from harvesting our common resource, for us.


Fishermen react to feds rejection of porpoise plan

GLOUCESTER, Mass.—A fishing industry group says regulators didn’t fully consider key factors when they rejected a request to delay a coming fishing area closure. The Northeast Seafood Coalition made the proposal after regulators announced the two-month closure to protect porpoises in the Gulf of Maine, starting in October. Porpoises aren’t endangered, but regulators say too many are getting killed in stationary gillnets. The coalition asked the government to start the closure in February. It said that would better protect porpoises and ease a $10.3 million loss to gillnetters. But regulators said the delay wouldn’t help fishermen or porpoises much. It also said too many gillnetters failed to install net devices that drive porpoises away. The coalition said regulators aren’t considering when fish are present in certain areas or how the closure will affect vessel crews.http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2012/09/10/fishermen_react_to_feds_rejection_of_porpoise_plan/



Or: Trouble in the Un-Regulated Community

At the risk of stating the obvious: NOAA’s stock assessments are clearly inadequate.

When they are used as a basis for fisheries regulations, the entire management process becomes destructive to both the fish and the fishing industry.

We need a far more comprehensive research and management philosophy if we are to ever come close to realistic assessments and sound management.

The Extinction Delusion

Delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.  (From Wikipedia)

This extinction-of-the-week approach to management is looking more ridiculous and destructive than ever.  We owe it to the fish and to the fishermen to throw out this crisis-mentality management regimen which requires that researchers devote themselves to finding data that will support the crisis predisposition.

Is there a species that swims in the ocean that has not been found to be in dire need of stringent regulation? Now it’s Abalone!  What happened to the “endangered” Sturgeon? Have they now recovered? And please don’t overlook the Wolffish, Cod, Haddock, Pollock, Yellowtail, Black Back Flounder, Fluke, Sea Bass, Dogfish, Skates, Red Snapper, Grouper?  There must be a lament at NOAA headquarters that goes something like, “…so many species and such precious little time to find evidence of their endangerment!”

Then there’s always the Butterfish shortage which apparently is the only vehicle that NOAA could find in order to squelch fishing for the abundant Loligo Squid.   Butterfish are sometimes found with Loligo Squid; however, NOAA’s Butterfish extinction watch ignores the fact (well known to fishermen) that, should they suddenly decide to surface, one could walk on the floating rafts of Butterfish from Cape Cod to Louisiana.  But, there’s no need to let reality get in the way of a good campaign-to-save-a-species, even if the claimed fish scarcity is pretty much confined to the reality that exists as a construct in one of the SSC’s eccentric computer models.  Scarce Butterfish is certainly not a reality that can be found in the ocean.

So, what can be done? Effective management of the fisheries is not an impossible endeavor; but a total overhaul of the attitude and thinking regarding our fisheries is essential.

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Fishery Nation for Brown

Senator Scott Brown has worked harder for our fishermen than anybody else, over the past couple of years. I for one plan to do what I can to help Senator Brown beat the odds (and the national left wing that has mobilized for Warren), and gain re-election.

Who in Fishery Nation is with me?

Here is his latest tv commercial, it’s called “Fishermen

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