Editorial: Hollow disaster call shamefully fails to confront problem GDT

Indeed, even after 10 months, Blank’s embarrassing declaration posted Thursday still can’t be considered as a meaningful response to the disaster request,,,,,,,,,,attributes the fisheries’ failure to the “unexpectedly slow rebuilding of fish stocks.”,,,,,,,,,Read More.  http://www.gloucestertimes.com/opinion/x1709877829/Editorial-Hollow-disaster-call-shamefully-fails-to-confront-problem

Fishing aid letter ignores catch share impact

A draft letter to congressional leaders from the office of Sen. John Kerry, circulating within the New England delegation in connection with a proposed and controversial fisheries aid package, blames the decline of the groundfishery on weakened fish stocks — and nothing else.



Sometimes the mask slips

When Jane Lubchenco was appointed as the head of NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in 2009, I believe that it enabled an important part of a decades long plan to transform America into just another member of the global community, from the inside. This has enabled these “Fabian Socialists” to accelerate the process of destroying the commercial fishing industry in the USA, to further their long-term vision of sustainable  international fisheries.

Dr. Lubchenco has demonstrated a total disinterest in the economic crisis that she has created in places like Gloucester Mass, and all along the coasts of New England and across this great country. She has gone to great lengths to completely avoid addressing the issues that are important to our fishermen.

In 2011, she declined to testify at a U.S. Senate subcommittee invitation in Boston called “How is NOAA managing funds to protect the domestic fishing industry”. Makes sense if you look at the facts (as we have), and find that she isn’t interested in protecting the domestic fishing industry at all. Dr. Lubchenco has always been looking at a bigger picture.

I’d like to highlight some recent comments that she made at a RFMO (Regional Fisheries Management Organizations) conference in Belgium on June 1st, 2012. This doesn’t happen often, as she tends to avoid the spotlight, but on this day it seems that her mask slipped. She made numerous comments that represent (what I believe to be) her true motivation for the decisions that she makes at NOAA.

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Obscene ‘aid’ plan would only seal fishermen’s fate and even speed up Lubchenco’s job-killing agenda

This “disaster” response, by buying out smaller competitors and granting subsidies to the big-boat survisors, would likely finish the job — and reward the victors with $87 million in taxpayer-funded spoils.

It wouldn’t help fishermen being driven out of business by a wrong-headed government policy. It would shamefully just affirm and even speed up Lubchenco’s job-killing agenda. And it could seemingly bring a buyout and virtual shutdown of the independent commercial fishing industry as we know it.