“Theory of Change” we don’t believe in!

I’ve identified a webpage at the “Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation” that qualifies as a summary of how the NGO’s used the UN and their own puppets at NOAA/NMFS, to push through the catch shares scam. Under an umbrella of “Reforming Fisheries Management”.

In it, they explain a couple of tools that were designed for this initiative  Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and Reforming Fisheries Management (RFM). They also mention that they funded the first Step by Step Guide to MSP, published by UNESCO in 2009. I’ve found a copy if this guide, and I hope to be reporting further on it in the near future.  The Moore Foundation partnered with the David & Lucile Packard Foundation on this project.

For now I will share with you one interesting link buried in this UNESCO guide. Catch shares are an “important” part of this MSP strategy. Here is the Moore/Packard/UN checklist for reasons that you might be interested in MSP:

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